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Local date and time:20/09/2021 | 18:23  (GMT+1)
Discover Budapest!

Discover Budapest!

„Budapest is a classic masterpiece. It has a completely different atmosphere from any other city in Europe. There are lots of monuments, the food is great, the buildings are beautiful. Everything you see here is simply amazing!”

Budapest is one of the nicest European cities! The beauty of this city situated on the two sides of the river Danube is not just due to its geographical position, but also to the vast number of monuments and old buildings which together create the special atmosphere of this modern European capital city. The history, culture and entertainment facilities of this wonderful city give visitors an unforgettable experience. 


Not just Budapest but Hungary in general is full of cultural heritage. It boasts several UNESCO world heritage sites. Outstanding examples of these are the view of the riverbanks of the Danube and the Castle district of Buda, as well as the Andrássy Avenue with the Heroes’ Square with the Millennial Underground (M1).