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Excursions from Budapest

Excursions from Budapest

Szentendre - History, Nostalgia and Art

Szentendre is the city of arts, a real jewel found at distance of 30km from Budapest. So it is a really enjoyable excursion for all age groups, don't miss it!

Danube Bend - Esztergom - Visegrád - Szentendre

This tour is both an excellent excursion into the Hungarian history and the wonderful landscape created by the meandering Danube and the wooded hills.

Gödöllő Sissy Castle and Horse Show

Visit one of the most beautiful historical castle of Hungary and take a look at the life of a famous hungarian traditional horse-ranch!

Puszta Horse Parade - Lajosmizse

Swap Budapest' urban backdrop for the rustic landscape of Hungary's plains and spend the day on a traditional farm where you will watch a spectacular horse-show!

Eger - History and Wine

Eger is the second largest city in Northern Hungary best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings, dishes and wines.

Lake Balaton and Porcelan Tradition of Herend

Enjoy the wonderful landscape of Balaton, taste its world famous wines and take a look at the world's largest porcelain factory!