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You will find detailed information to plan your stay in Budapest: sightseeing, events, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, pubs, bars, casinos.
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Travellers' information

Travellers' information

Information about Budapest

A general overview of Budapest: facts, money, prices, costs, history, currency exchange, geography, holidays

Budapest Attractions

Things to see in Budapest, main tourist sights, historical monuments, parts of the World Heritage, bridges across the Danube, architectural heritage, churches, ecclesiastical collections, museums.


Detailed information on cultural life and programs in Budapest: libraries, museums, theatres, concert halls, open-air performances, exhibition halls, galleries, movie theatres, and box office addresses

Thermal Baths

Budapest is a city world known for its spas, the only capital city in the world which possesses thermal baths. The water is utilized by 10 thermal baths and 6 open air baths, most of which are monuments.

Budapest Surroundings

Tourist sights near Budapest: detailed information on day-trips and organized programs¦

Parking in Budapest

In this section you can find important information about the zones, parking places and conditions in Budapest.