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Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths

Since the year of 1934 Budapest is the „City of Spas”, because of the many thermal and medical baths with a great temperature between 21 and 78 Celsius. There are 15 public termal baths that are in use and are favoured by the tourists who visit Budapest at any season of the year. There are also special programs for example the Rudas Bath which has regularly night parties on Friday and Saturday evenings with DJs and special light shows. Also the baths are suitable for families with small children, Palantinus Bath on Margaret Island has pools for children with whirlpool, wave-pool and water-chutes. Many baths are built around green areas where families can enjoy their whole day with relaxing, sports, reading or sunbathing.

Famous thermal baths in Hungary offer an unforgettable experience, one of them is Gellért Thermal Bath which was established in the 15th century and is one of the most famous historical bahts of Budapest. Gellért has huge outdoor pools and medical treatment also, young and old people as well like to relax during the day, a separate male and female bath is also available.


Széchenyi Thermal Bath is open all year long and it is the largest thermal bath in Budapest, with an outdoor pool that can be also enjoyed in the winter season. Széchenyi offers various medical treatments and relaxing opportunities and also sauna and healthy healing water that is curing stomach and kidney problems and improving skeletal system.

Rudas Bath has a unique architecture, and is one of the oldest Turkish baths in Budapest. It has six pools with different temperature and sizes. Fridays and Saturdays Rudas Bath is open for nighttime bathing as well. The water is rich of calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, sulfate and sodium to cure various illnesses, also physiotherapy, balneal therapies and massages are offered.