Budapest Things to do – Going out in Budapest

You will find detailed information to plan your stay in Budapest: sightseeing, events, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, pubs, bars, casinos.
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Find Your Hotel

Recommended luxury hotels

Luxury hotels offer you unique style and worldly elegance with excellent services and personal care.

Recommended boutique hotels

Stylish and sophisticated with a personal touch. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or having a bit of quality time. Your best choise will be a boutique hotel in Budapest.

Recommended budget hotels & hostels

If you are on a budget, we can offer you good hotels or hostel with affordable prices!

Recommended family-friendly hotels

If you are travelling with kids, you'll be looking for family-friendly accomodation in Budapest. In these hotels children are free up to 12 years!

Recommended business and conference hotels

These hotels are excellent choise for  business trips and  suitable for  organizing events, meetings and conferences.

Recommended hotels for groups

We can offer hotels for tourist, business or transit groups. These hotels have all the facilities to accomodate and serve groups.