Budapest Things to do – Going out in Budapest

You will find detailed information to plan your stay in Budapest: sightseeing, events, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, pubs, bars, casinos.
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General informations

General informations

Getting Around

Hungary has a highly developed road, railway, air and water transport system.Because of its central location Budapest is the hub of the Hungarian transport network.

Important Phone Numbers

You can find the most important phone numbers listed you would need in case of emergency, lost things, or medical assistance.

VISA Information

Depending on where you come from it is important to be informed about whether you need a VISA or a passport to enter the Hungarian borders.

Custom and VAT Regulations

Exporting certain goods to Hungary is limited and in case someone exceeds the certain limit it has to be reported to the customs and pay a duty.

Currency Exchange

Exchange forign currency to hungarian Forints is possible in banks, official currency exchange offices and travel agencies.

Money, Prices & Costs

Official currency, ATMs, credit and debit cards, travellers' cheques and tips for visitors

Public Holidays

Please find listed the main public holidays in Hungary.

Embassies in Budapest

Most foreign states have an embassy or a consulate in Budapest, Hungary.  You can find here all embassies of European, American, Australian, Asian and African countries.