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Balatonfüred is a small town on the north shore of Lake Balaton with 13.500 inhabitants, 130 km away from the capital of Hungary. Near the Lake people start to feel the harmonious blend of past and present at the moment of their arrival. Balatonfüred has very similar climate to the Mediterranean, thats why Balatonfüred and its surrounding settlements are called the „Balaton Riviera”.
The town is rich of historical sights like numerous villas and mansions in the town that contributed to the special beauty of Balatonfüred and made the town famous. The three churches of Balatonfüred arise in the upper part of the town as if protecting its tranquility: these are the Reformed Church, the Catholic Church and the newly built Evangelical Church.


Museums and Galleries

Jókai Mór Memorial Home
No. 1. Honvéd street, Balatonfüred
Phone: +36/21/200-2453


This house is one of the few  homes of Jókai Mór that are open to visitors in Hungary. Here you can have a look into the everyday life of the Jókai family. The Villa was built in 1870.
Opening hours:
From the 7th of May till the 30th of September:
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
On Friday and Saturday: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
closed on Monday.


Town Museum – Local History Collection
No.3. Blaha street, Balatonfüred.
Phone: +36/21/200-24


This Town villa shows the history of Balatonfüred in the Reform Era, arranged around these four topics: transport, spa, Anna Ball and theatre. During organized trips visitors can see the Pantheon of Füred, can taste the famous acidulous spring water, and walking across the Indian Grove can have a rest in the Rose Garden.


Vaszary Villa
N.2-4. Honvéd street, Balatonfüred.
Phone: +36/21/200-2455


The building was renovated by 2010 and so became the most significant bulidings of Balatonfüred.
The building mainly hosts art exhibitions, which are accompanied by literature, music and theatre evenings.
Vaszary Villa thinks about all family member and entertains all the members. From the little ones from the age of six can take part in special programmes offered by educators working in the museum, while adult visitors can spend quality time in Vaszary Café.