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Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary with 250 thousand inhabitants, it is 220 km away from the capital city. The city is the cultural and scientific center of the region, also a place of various festivals and cultural events. Debrecen also has a flourishing bath culture and a distinctive health center which is favored by many tourists. It is an international center of education, not only on Bachelor level but on higher levels as well. Several thousands of foreign students choose Debrecen as their educational destination.

Debrecen’s main sights are the Great Calvinist Church, the Reformed Collage, the Old City Hall, the main building of the University of Debrecen and the Piac Street. Also int he city there are many 21st century architectural sights like the Kölcsey Center, MODEM Center of Arts and future place of theatre in the Csapó Street. However Debrecen is has also many galleries, exhibitions and festivals, like the famous Debrecen Flower Festival, Cívis Esplande, and the Spring Festival events.

Many guests come from all over the world, because of the great Thermal Spa facility to relax and enjoy the medicinal water and 40 various treatments. However also families with children can enjoy the city, the Mediterranean water resort awaits guests with children and baby friendly services.