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Local date and time:05/07/2020 | 16:36  (GMT+1)

Esztergom is the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary and was the capital until the mid-13th century and it remains the seat of the Primate. The majority of the beautiful sites and the city's architectural heritage are of a religious nature. Esztergom has the largest ecclesiastical collection in the country, and the Esztergom Basilica is the largest church in Hungary and is 50 km away from Budapest. The city is along the side of the Danube River, it is only a bridge away from Slovakia.

The Esztergom Castle is a famous attraction of the city, there can be found the Castle Museum with a permanent exhibition about the dramatic story of the Castle of Esztergom, in the museum lot of pottery, coins, weapons and fragments of ancient stone columns are exhibited out of that time.

Here is a list of sights that should be visited while visiting Esztergom:

• King Castle – 0.6 km away from the city center
• Aqua Island – 09 km away from the city center
• Mária Valéria Bridge – 1 km away from the city center
• Christian Museum – 0.7 km away from the city center
• Saint Anna Church – 0.7 km away from the city center
• Saint Thomas Chapel – 0.5 km away from the city center