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Local date and time:05/07/2020 | 15:38  (GMT+1)


Győr is situated between Budapest and Vienna, and is the sixth largest city of Hungary, rich of architectural, cultural and natural treasures. The city is near to the border of Slovakia from the north, Austria from the west, Lake Balaton from the south and Budapest from the east, very simple to reach from all the directions, main roads lead directly to Győr. The city can be also reached by airplane, because Győr-Pér airport has been open not so long ago.


The town center of Győr is rich of historical buildings like churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner-balconies and narrow lanes; these are often visited by tourists. However not only history can be found in Győr, the modern arts and festivals also give tourists great programmes during the year. The following museums might be interesting to visit: Esterházy Palace, Collection of Péter Váczy, Permanent Exhibition of Margit Kovács, János Xantus Museum and the Collection of Imre Patko. 


As in most of Hungary, also Győr is rich of medicinal waters, the Szigetköz water-land and the Pannonhalma Hills attract people for a relaxing stay. The Rába-Quelle Bath is a great choice for relaxation and recovery, health tourism in Győr is growing and more opportunities are waiting for tourist.