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Miskolc is situated in the northeastern Hungary, fourth largest city in the country with the population of 167.800. The city is easily reachable by car and train, its only 183 km away from Budapest. Miskolc has different geography regions from the east is the Bükk Mountains, valley of the river Sajó and the streams Hejő and Szinva.

In the downtown of Miskolc many attractions can be seen, on the City Hall Square the atmosphere of the 19th century is reflected, there are several churches that are open for visitors: Gothic Protestant Church of the Avas Hill, Greek Orthodox Church with the largest religious icons in Central Europe, Mindszent Church and the Wooden Church. A nice collection of museums can be found at Miskolc, House of Art with two art cinemas, Kós House in Art Nouveau and folk style and the Otto Herman Museum. However the city also concentrates on other parts of the arts, Miskolc has National Theatre, a Palace of Music and a Csodamalom Puppet Theatre for the small ones.

Miskolc awaits visitors with a wide selection of wines, wine tasting and Hungarian dishes. The city is the center of the Bükkalja wine region and guests can taste the following characteristic wines: Welschriesling, Zenit, Chardonnay, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch.