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Sopron is situated in the northwest of Hungary, 210 km away from Budapest, it is on the Austrian border near the Lake Fertő with a population of 61.400. Sopron is a famous wine producing region, with one of the best wines in Hungary the Kékfrankos red wine. Blue Frankish, Tramini, and Green Veltelini are well-known Sopron wines. Sopron's Blue Frankish and Pinot Noir wines have a special prize.
Sopron is not only famous for its wine, but also for its festivals. Every year the VOLT festival is held at Sopron, it is one of the biggest Pop music festival, with many different style of music, rock, electronic music, world music and jazz is also on the pallet.

The Spring Festival of Sopron is an important event of the arts, pop and classical music, fine and applied arts, theater, and culinary programs await the visitors with many entertainment.


• City center
• Firewatch Tower
• Walls with Roman origin
• Széchenyi Square and Flag of Loyalty
• Kecske Church
• Esterházy Palace
• Eggenberg House
• City Hall =1895)
• Storno House
• Fabricius House
• "Two Moors" House (18th century Baroque)
• Chemist's Museum (15th–16th century)
• Lábasház (16th–17th century)
• Gambrinus House (It was the Old City Hall)
• Taródi Castle