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Szentendre is a little village about 20 kilometres far from the center of Budapest with a Mediterranean feeling, rich in museums, cafés and romantic coblestone streets with Baroque houses. It also gives home to the "Skanzen", a large-scale open-air ethnographical exhibition, with traditional Hungarian peasants' homes, mills and churches on display and to the Serbian Orthodox Church from around 1690.

The following museum are at Szentendre Margit Kovács Museum, Marzipan Museum and the Ferenczy Museum, many art galleries are present in the city. Szentendre is the city of hand made things, many shops sell their own jewelries, clothes, bags, pots and many other equipment.

At Szentendre many historical Churches are situated, the Blagovesztenszka Church which is a non-Baroque building, Evangelic Church, Preobrazsenszka Church which is a baroque style building built by Serbians, Reformed Church, the Saint János Roman Catholic Parish Church and the Saint Peter- Paul Catholic Church. All of these have a unique architecture and make the city grow more in its beauty.