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Veszprém was the center of Hungary until the Turkish occupation, with a beautiful medival castle one of the oldest urban areas in the country. It is situated north of the Balaton Lake, 122 km away from Budapest. Veszprém is rich of historical buildings and culture tourist like this quiet and colorful city with many opportunities to explore the surrounding and to travel back in time.

The city is also for suitable for families with children, because there are many programs that are for smaller kids, like the Veszprém Zoo is in Hungary with the longest standing traditions. Kid Jungle and Terrarium is part of the Zoo where little kids can climb and crawl they can try the Sloth Path and climb into the animal transport container. The newest at the Zoo is the Gulya Hill, one of the largest African Savannah runs in this country where zebras, giraffes and white rhinoceros can be visited by tourists.



• Archbishop’s Palace
• Benedict Hill Cross
• Castle Gate
• Castle Well
• Country Hall
• Csatár Berg
• Fire Tower
• Former Canon’s Residence
• Former Country Hall
• Franciscan Church
• Gisella Chapel
• Havranek House
• Kapuváry House
• Magyarok Nagyasszonya Church
• Margaret Ruins
• Old Priests’ Home
• Piarist Church
• Provost Major’s Palace
• Reformed Church
• Regina Mundi Church
• Veszprém Zoo
• Ruins of the Greek Orthodox Nunnery and Jesuit Church
• Saint Stephan Viadcut
• Salesianum Archbishopric’s Tourist Center
• St. Margaret Church
• St. Ann Chapel
• Statue of King St. Stephen I and Giselle
• Town Hall